Highland Park Cross Country
Conference Champs

MEA Captains Practice
Thursday 10/20: 9:00AM at Monument
Friday 10/21: 9:00AM at Highland Track
Saturday 10/22: 9:00AM at Monument

Conference Results -
Varsity Girls and JV Girls are Conference Champs!
Lisa Leo Photos - JV Boys Girls Varsity Boys

Nordic Skiers - read the GearWest High School Skier Guides

Bring $10 for Coaches Gift to SpongeBen Before Sections (or any amount helps)

More on Mental Toughness A lot of this may sound familiar

Nordic Skier To Do - practice starts Tuesday Nov 8 - brad.moening@spps.org
1. Read this Basic Ski Team Info and Team Organization
2. Turn in your athletic forms , physical and $80 fee to the high school athletics director before the first day of practice. Bring yellow receipt to Coach Moening.
3. Fill out your emergency contact information here.
4. To rent school skis - give ski rental form and fee to Coach Moening (high school room 3303)
5. Go to Maplelag - our Winter Trip - paperwork to be posted soon
6. Figure out what we are doing the first week of practice - Nordic Ski Weekly Schedule
7. Nordic Ski Team Parent Meeting - Thursday Nov 10, 5:30 pm in Room 3303
8. Watch some video (everyday)

Monster Dash Fundraiser - CC Runners
We need 20+ volunteers at the Monster Dash (Sat, Oct 29) to earn $500 for the team! Last year, this fundraiser help cover Fantasy Fitness expenses and more. Runners, parents, siblings, friends are all welcome and count as part of our group. We would repeat as the Start Line set up and tear down crew at the Start Line of the 10mi/Half Mar near the Cathedral in St. Paul. Report to the Volunteer Tent in the middle of Summit near the Cathedral. Shift time 6:30am until approx 10:00am. Questions contact MPJ. Sign up HERE. All volunteers under 18 (most of our runners), fill out this form and bring it to MPJ (note: under 14 is OK if we have responsible adults).

CC Team Season Results Boys Girls
HP Record Books Updated Top 20 Times Best Times
email brad.moening@spps.org if you see mistakes

Wanna buy Nordic socks? Fill out the form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0iACwhz4DPC7AucSH75mp7K0xqM7mRJu_wjvsFnZab_Qf1Q/viewform?c=0&w=1

Blaine Invitational Results posted here with finish line video
Varsity Boys and JV Boys first 3rd!
Big Shout out to Lisa Leo - taking 1000s of photos
Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys - JV Boys JV Girls and MS

Some things to think about before Blaine: Mental Toughness

HP Time Trial Results Boys Girls Some great racing tonight!
Photos Boy's and Girl's - thanks to Lisa Leo
Coaches Notes from Thursday's TT:
  • we had 11 boys under 11:00 (4 last year)
  • we had 5 (almost 6) girls under 13:00 (2 last year)

Weekly Practice Schedule

For the lazy skier

Girl's Griak Rundown:
Although there were sloppy conditions and very slow times the HP girls showed significant growth from last year. The girl's team (as a total) was more than a full minute faster than last year and moved up to 34th place, compared to 45 last year! Molly broke the top 70, in her first Griak, and Celeste finished 2nd on the team, moving almost 200 spots up from last year. Anna moved up about 50 places, finishing 3rd on the team. Photos thanks to Lisa Leo

Boy's Griak Rundown:
We started the race out with a different type of cheer which worked well (We can teach it to everyone else if JV wants to learn it). Overall the team did much better this year placing 26th compared to last years 38th. Almost all the boys who ran last year dropped between 30 secs and 2 minutes. The course was much muddier and more slippery than last year. We had almost the same average time however which shows improvement especially without Micah. We had a good support team on the boys side this year (Shout out to Quincy, Will, Parker, Eli, Theo, Otto, Joey and Avery). Also shout out to Noah and Nat were great alternates and went through the entire warm up with us. Photos link fixed - thanks to Lisa Leo

Laura Donovan's Griak Photos

Girl's Running spandex: if you do not get a chance to order them the first go-around, here's the link for optional individual ordering! A+ for comfort and awesomeness

1.5 Mile Time Trial Results - Boys Girls Eli breaks 8:00, Otto and Conor break into the top 30!

Watch Steve Cram - tactics change

Roy Griak - Results posted here

More Relay Photos - thanks to Laura Donovan Girls Boys

St. Paul Relay Race Results will be posted here
Boys Photos Girls Photos - thanks to Lisa Leo

New course record for the AT
Not to early to start nordic ski daydreaming

Listen to HP Cross Country on the radio (starring Little Bibby and KJ) on WFNU Frogtown Radio

A different sort of crazy - racing across the country. Follow the GPS track.

Finish line race photos for all Rum River runners are now posted on Gopher Events - here are the Girls Varsity

HP Record Books Get Worked Over
Top 20 Times Best Times email brad.moening@spps.org if you see mistakes

Rum River Invite - results Girl's Varsity 1st, Boy's Varsity 2nd
Photos - thanks to Lisa Leo Varsity Girls Varsity Boys JV Boys JV Girls C Boys and Girls Awards

Twin Cities Challenge Results
Photos - Girls Boys Thanks to Lisa Leo

Facts about Beets - if you are going to try it - read this

Girls Results - JV Mile and Halftime Mile
Video - Halftime Mile - thanks to BigO and Temali
Other video
Photos from Laura Donovan

Attention Parents - we need volunteers for the Twin Cities Challenge (Tuesday, September 13) - please sign up here.

Save the Date -- Cross Country Banquet on Monday, November 14th at 6 p.m. at DeGidio's. Details to follow.

Wheel of Excellence (Ongoing Learning) - Race Tactics

All Runners - fill out your emergency contact information

Attention Nordic Skiers - looking for your input on a proposal to significantly modify the state meet format. Your input will be forwarded to the folks making decisions. New state meet format and schedule (earliest date of implementation would be the Feb 2018 meet). Submit comments here.

Looking ahead to Rum River - hoping to put some new names here.

Irish Invite Race Results
HP Team Results Boys Girls
Photos - Varsity Boys Varsity Girls JV Boys JV Girls - thanks to Lisa Leo
More Photos - thanks to Laura Donovan
Videos of all races - you need to make an account

Alumni Racing Yesterday - Abram and Micah

Superior 100 - maybe some day
This might be tougher than Superior 100

Texas Cross Country is a little nuts

Book - Pursuit of Excellence
Quick Summary of The Wheel of Excellence - modified slightly

Skiers: Register now for a September 10th 50k rollerski

Highland Invite Results - final
Boys Photos Girls Photos - thanks to Lisa Leo
Photos - thanks to Laura Donovan

Attention all Nordic Skiers - the Maplelag Trip is scheduled. We leave school at 7:30 am on Dec 16 and return at 5:00 pm on Dec 18.

CC Run and the Dog Shelter Marathon Dog

Probable and Hopeful Varsity Skiers
MSC Fall Training - Great way to keep your technique at a high level.
Sunday Nights from 3:33 - 5:30 at Brackett and Elm Creek. Sign up for 4 or 9 sessions.
Wednesday Nights on the Franklin Hill from 6:30 - 7:30.
More info at their website

Updated Irish Invite Records

Runners - get yourself a combination lock for your locker in the high school. We will issue lockers next week.

Hoof N Bike Photos Hoof N Bike Results

More Photos from The Preview - thanks to Laura Donovan

Results from the Preview email brad.moening@spps.org if you see an error
Photos - thanks to Lisa Leo

Sleep - your secret weapon

Keeping it Postive - Olympian Brenda Martine
MPJ’s preferred lunge for runners: Reverse Lunge

1.5 Mile Time Trial Results - Boys Girls

The Pursuit

Start thinking about goals for the season - Team Records Top 20 Times

Good Reading/Watching
Once a Runner, Born to Run, Eat and Run, Running with the Buffalos, Bowerman and the Men of Oregon
Learn to Draft - saves energy
The running mice have been busy doing research - and getting smarter.
Watch Hopi Running When Running was for Weirdos
Into Dark Places - By Ben Saxton
Summer Running Movie?

Monument Run 7/5 - Time Trial Results

Summer Training Plans - pick a plan that makes sense for you. Injury Prevention
Summer Running Log - all HP runners should have one.
Cross Country Signup Meeting Information email brad.moening@spps.org if you have questions

Time to sign up for the Birkie/Korte - Birkie 2016 Recap

CC Run Signup Meeting -Web May 18 - Room 3303 at 2:05 - Agenda If you missed the sign up meeting and you want your name on the roster - email Coach brad.moening@spps.org

!Fantasy Fitness Headquarters
1. Fantasy Fitness Preview is here. Submit writeups to scout@ifantasyfitness.com
2. Mock Draft for !Fantasy Fitness Joey's mock draft is interesting.
3. Owners - name your team at http://www.ifantasyfitness.com/settings/team/ - look at last year's leaderboard or talk to John Kelly if you need ideas
4. Draft Video from 2014
5. !Fantasy Fitness Overview and Rules 2016

Nordic Skiers
The new nordic calendar year begins. Time to put your sharpened ferrels on your rollerski poles, inspect the rollerskis, and start planning and logging ski hours.
  • make sure you have an annual plan - here is an example
  • plan your hours on Sunday for the upcoming week
  • rollerskier - once or twice a week - 50/50 skate/classic
  • use a Weekly Training log
  • running with track team will give you plenty of speed, intensity and strength
  • make sure you get in a good overdistance workout once a week (80+ min)
  • motivate your teammates by logging your hours
  • Birkie price increase July 7. Johnson cabin will be available for HP skiers and family until full. Contact mpj.

“you don’t become a champion by winning a morning workout. The only true way is to marshal the ferocity of your ambition over the course of many days, weeks, months, and (if you could finally come to accept it) years. The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials." from the book "Once a Runner".

Racing Effectively - for nordic skiers, but works for runners too

Thinking about running or skiing in college?

Shaping Your Future - Bryan Fish US Ski Team Training Summary
Two Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Nordic Skiing

Core Strength WorkoutNordic Strength WorkoutsWeightroom workouts Track Strength Workouts
On their computer at: www.wfnu.org. Just click the "Listen" tab on the top of the page.
On a tablet or phone at: wfnu.caster.fm.
Or they can listen to a podcast after the show: https://www.mixcloud.com/mike- altobell-resendez/
The show is live starting at 10:00am on Saturday.
Andrew Poffenberger, the Endurance United Executive Director, has developed an online petition that we and disperse to generate support for the project. The link for the petition is https://www.change.org/p/ minnesota-state-house- minnesota-state-senate- minnesota-governor-mark- dayton-make-snow-east-metro? recruiter=359314156&utm_ source=share_for_starters&utm_ medium=copyLink.
Team Banquet
Wednesday Feb 24 at Degidios.
6:00 pm to about 7:30
$17 per person
Who: skiers, parents and siblings invited
RSVP here - bring a check to the banquet made out to Degidios


Team Banquet - RSVP by Friday, Feb 19
Wednesday, Feb 24 at Degidios.
6:00 pm to about 7:30
$17 per person - make your check out to Degidios - bring it to the banquet.
Who: skiers, parents, and siblings invited

Uniform Turn In, School Ski Return and Shack Cleanout - Feb 24 at 2:15. All skiers need to attend. We should be done by 3:30. Meet in basement to turn in uniforms first with the Athletic Director.
NORDIC PARENT POTLUCK INFO. Sat, Feb 27, 5:30pmVarsity Girls Ski Team - save March 22, 5:45 pm for the School Board Recognition of Conference Champions. More details to follow.congratulations shout-out to the following Nordic team members who were named to the Ordway All-City Orchestra and Band, as determined by audition.
Tessa, Abram, Cat, Gabe, Tristan, Soren, Linnea, Ian, Nat
Isak, Mackenzie, Liam, Erica, Alec, Caleb
I could list their instruments, too, if you want.
Nat and Erica are first chair in their sections, Tessa, Abram, Cat and Gabe are all 1st Violin, in that order.
Concert at the Ordway the evening of April 19.
Weekly Training logRollerski Checkout - we have many skiers requesting rollerskis. If skis remain by March 25 we will add more skiers to the list. Bring in the checkout form and $50 rental fee by March 25. We have a number of skiers that also want skis, so if your name is here and you don't want to rent skis please email Coach Moening.Registration: April 18, 6AM to May 23, 11PM - this gives the owners some time to prepare, and you can make announcements in the week leading up to registration closure. No late registrations.Competition: June 4 (Saturday), midnight - August 12 (Friday), 11:59PM
!Fantasy Fitness News: Tate as agreed to help run the Fantasy Fitness contest again. This draft will be Wednesday, May 25 at 2:05. We are looking for potential "owners". If you'd like to be an owner contact brad.moening@spps.org
Owners: FFA, Jack J, Ian, Joey, ...........